front of the boat


The Manasquan Water Taxi is a Bar Hopping booze cruise for all events and occasions. It is located on the Manasquan River and takes its passengers to waterfront Restaurants, Treasure Island, and F-Cove. For the 2014 Season The Water Taxi has become a boat club open to the public, offering Season passes. These passes come in Silver and Gold. Due to high demand the Water Taxi will have 2 boats running, "The Water Taxi" and Water Taxi's sister ship, "The Pontiki Grill" with season pass dining. The Manasquan Water Taxi would like to give everyone a free Season Pass Orientation. Please call Debbie for Reservations!


General Admission-$25


SILVER- 1 for $60 2 for $99
GOLD- Admission+ food -$99pp
PLATINUM- Admission + food+ Cocktails-$160pp